Auntie Morwen’s Coloring Book is really not a book at all, but instead, a set of unbound pages.  Without the “bump” of a book’s spine, the pages lay flat, and are easier to color from any angle.  Because the pages don’t have torn edges, your finished pieces will be ready to frame. Display them to add your unique blend of color into your environment. 

Unlike other activity books, you get three copies of each design, so you can color a design and revisit it again later.  Our emotions often affect our coloring choices.  Differences in how you color the same design a month or two later may reflect differences in yourself.


Coloring is collaborative - a way of interacting with a piece of art and working with the designer on the finished product.  An essential relationship forms between the artist’s creation and your coloring choices, as if the artist has “passed the torch” so that you get to cross the finish line.

Morwen’s detailed and fanciful line drawings beg to be colored in.  Give yourself permission to be playful and surrender to the moment.  When coloring, you most likely will use different parts of your brain than you do in your day-to-day routine, and may feel a sense of expansion, or timelessness.  Have fun, and enjoy the peace and relaxation of your own coloring journeys.           



Morwen Two Feathers is an extraordinary musician, community leader, business-woman, and the published author of  “Universal Heartbeat: Drumming, Spirit, and Community.” 

In 2013, brain cancer and treatment had a profound effect on her speech and language abilities.  Simply putting thoughts to words, and then getting them into the right order, was no longer simple.  The medium of verbal expression, one that she had used skillfully and creatively her entire life, was now challenging and frustrating for her. 

During her recovery, Morwen made a few colored drawings of what she felt neurons looked like. Over time, she began creating beautiful and intricate line art.  By allowing the language-driven part of her brain to rest and restore, the path of art provided a much-needed place of retreat and renewal for Morwen's spirit and her healing.

“It was a very real and personal process as I learned to use my brain differently.  I started out sketching tiny mandalas, which grew more complex as my own healing progressed and the neural network redeveloped.”   

      ~ Morwen Two Feathers


For over 25 years, Morwen Two Feathers has been the Co-Founder and Director of  Earth Drum Council, creating opportunities for people from all walks of life to come together to drum, dance, and build community. She is a teacher, facilitator, and principal influence of the community drumming movement, and has helped countless people across the globe to start drum circles in their own communities.


As of 2018, "Auntie Morwen’s Coloring Book" is out of stock.  

Her book "The Universal Heartbeat" is also out of print.

Reprinting of Morwen’s books are in the planning stages, as is the possibility of a digital download version for her Coloring Book.  If you would like to be contacted when more details are available, please fill out the CONTACT FORM.  Thank you.




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